Always consult your medical specialist or CF Center when determining which course of cystic fibrosis treatment is best for you or your loved ones. Our Disclaimer
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What is CF?

It is a genetic disorder that you are born with.

Your body needs water and salt to work and grow. Water and salt move through tiny cells in your body. In people with CF, water and salt can not move through the tiny cells easily which makes it dry. The body then produces thick, "icky, sticky stuff" called mucus. mucus forms in the:

Lungs which help you breathe.

Pancreas which help you digest your food.

Mucus sticks in your lungs and throat and makes you cough. Mucus is also a friendly home for germs and bacteria which can make you sick.

Where does CF come from and how did I get it?
CF is inherited. We all get 2 CF genes from our parents before we are born. We get 1 gene from each parent. We either get a Normal gene - which does not have CF, or we get an Abnormal gene - which has CF. If we get 2 Abnormal genes then we will have CF. Our Parents can NOT control which 2 genes we will get.