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Our battle with CF (05:16)
Category: Personal Stories • Added: 02/07/2008 • Views: 5676

Our battle with CF

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This is such a great video! Your children are so beautiful! Let's find a cure ?
Added: 02/15/2008, Member: ginandbrea

This is such a great video! Your children are so beautiful! Let's find a cure :)
Added: 02/15/2008, Member: ginandbrea

you wudnt think it, they look so happy !! I hope they live happy lives xxx
Added: 02/16/2008, Member: michelle332

Your children are beautiful. I pray and hope a cure for CF is found soon. My son -born in January 2008 - was diagnosed with CF when I was 5 months pregnant. So we join you in this fight against cystic fibrosis. The song that goes along with your video is wonderful. Please tell me who the artist is? Thank you
Added: 02/18/2008, Member: kcp

My grandson will be two in June and also has CF. You have beautiful children and we will all just keep on fighting and a lot of praying. With Love
Added: 02/29/2008, Member: grammy

I would also like to know the name of the first song and the artist...Anyone know ???
Added: 07/05/2008, Member: kylesmommy

Sweet sweet children I remember when my son(cf) was that age.He is now 26. God bless you all
Added: 07/30/2008, Member: skyleen

this video really hits home my little boy is 3 years old he was diagnosed at 4 weeks it was almost to late this video brings me motivation to keep going on strong we have to find a cure i love your video let me know how to do one for us
Added: 09/21/2008, Member: trentonsmom

I love this video. I have a almost two year old with CF and this video is so sweet.
Added: 10/01/2008, Member: williamsmom

God bless your family.I'm 24 and have cf.what a great video.
Added: 10/14/2008, Member: mary1

Wonderful video...I also have two children with CF...a 19 year-old daughter who is a sophomore in college, and a 14 year-old son. Your children are beautiful...lets keep striving for that cure!
Added: 11/08/2008, Member: pamlandheer

This is such a wonderful, well put together video. It brought tears to my eyes. I am a 32 male w/CF, diagnosed at age 3. I hope to have kids one day soon and give them the wonderful, fun loving life it looks like you are giving your kids. Thank you for this inspirational video and sharing your life with the world. They (the world) needs to see how precious life is so we all can come together and find a cure. I have done several Gene Therapy Studies and Drug Studies at JHU in Baltimore in hopes to finding a cure soon. Thank You!
Added: 11/14/2008, Member: SmilingNCruising

My son was born October 17, 2008 with CF, and I find your video encouraging and uplifting! Thanks for sharing - your children are beautiful...all three of them!
Added: 01/18/2009, Member: jdkeep

The song is called "Amazing" by Janelle Jamer - thought I'd share for all that were trying to find it like me!
Added: 02/14/2009, Member: kylesmommy