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Meet Zoe (05:52)
Category: Personal Stories • Added: 06/27/2007 • Views: 5371

Meet Zoe who has CF

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You'r daughter seems amazing I hope she is doin well. this video helped me when i was down about my Lung Disease thank you Sorry hate to ask what song did u use it was great ~Elizabeth *longing to breathe*
Added: 10/22/2007, Member: ehealy12

so i think the combination of pregnancy hormones and knowing you guy made me cry during this video. but it is definetly the truth!!
Added: 01/07/2008, Member: semperfiohana

Aww i luv this video i hope she's doing well!!!! She has been in my prayers. ~jessica poultney~
Added: 02/29/2008, Member: jessicapoultney

my son is 4 and was diagnosed at birth with cf i feel your pain every day we spent the first 3 and 1/2 month's after he was born arknasas children's hospital. and then every two weeks we were admitted for something i love your story and motivated me even more to but togather a video for my little angel and to remember to look up if you don't mind email me i loved your video
Added: 11/11/2009, Member: cysticfibrosismom

Our story/journey is almost identical to yours, too many visits to doctors before she was a year old, non would listen to us, weight loss that was dismissed as she had always been a "chubby" baby and finally a diagnosis at 16 months after our refusal to leave the doctors office without a referral your video, tells the truth but very inspiring and puts a beautiful little face to the disease...thank you !
Added: 11/13/2009, Member: julieann1966