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CF, College Life, Sports, and Compliance – Sean Bourgeois is Passionate (08:02)
Category: Personal Stories • Added: 10/01/2008 • Views: 4781

Sean Bourgeois, 19 years old with cystic fibrosis (CF) is playing junior hockey and attending University of Phoenix "online" while he pursues his dreams of playing hockey for the NHL.

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hey this is chris i have cf two and i am 15 and like to play hockey because this guy name david he got me in to liking it and now i play a little street hockey when i have the chance hard on me because i eat all the time and dont gain weight so it ok.i get asked do u have cf and i say yes because i am ok with that people knowen that i have dream is to become a hocky player because i like to play.
Added: 11/02/2008, Member: vanderbuilt

Sean- very inspiring - never give up! a mantra a team of brothers with CF taught me years. keep your eye on your goal! you can do this!
Added: 11/14/2009, Member: DrGermana

Hey Chris- I am so impressed. watched the video again. this song by Rascal Flats is great - have it on CD & perfect that it is done with Jerry Cahill- who I know quite well. you have alot of people in your court-- good energy for you! drG
Added: 11/14/2009, Member: DrGermana