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Rosie and the cast of rent (08:12)
Category: Entertainment • Added: 06/27/2007 • Views: 5365

The rent cast suprises a little girl with Cystic Fibrosis.

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rosie is awful. cool what she did for this little girl, i s'pose, but her claim, "in our lifetime, there most definately will be a cure for this disease," seems rather counter-productive. anyone watching this is going to be like "oh, they're curing it. great. we can give our money to cancer." maybe it's just the pessimist in me, and maybe it's just the little rosie-hatin'-devil, but she can kiss my rear end.
Added: 09/25/2007, Member: kswitch

Ok, so now Rosie is an expert on CF? Love how she was "better describing" what the girl was trying to explain. Insert eye-roll here (I agree with the previous poster...counter productive for CF, no attention would have been better than all of this attention with her comment about the cure.)
Added: 11/25/2007, Member: AbbysMama

You guys are a rough crowd! Look at how happy Stephanie was during the show - especially when surprised with her favorite cast! I don't think Rosie said anything wrong, she was trying to throw in statistics for the audience. It was merely and interjection. It was exposure for CF, it made a child happy and the intentions were good. Peace!
Added: 02/21/2008, Member: dakruse

I think you are being a little negative about the whole "Rosie" thing... I think it is called POSITIVE THINKING, I am a firm believer in the power of positive thoughts... I tell everyone I talk to about my disease that there will be a cure in my lifetime... and I believe there will be... and as far as Rosie being an expert... she is a supporter of our disease... So maybe a little gratitude for her awareness and support and the gift she gave to little Stephanie... There is too much negativity in our world today... Do your part to bring more positive into people's lives... it is more rewarding than I could ever put into words... Thank you Sarah
Added: 04/01/2008, Member: SarahJean1976

This girl goes to my clinic. Just found that out last year LOL!
Added: 06/19/2009, Member: JazzysMom