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Dr. Daniel Hassett, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati, Discussing the molecular breakdown of CF (02:34)
Category: CFRI 2007 • Added: 09/12/2007 • Views: 8580

Dr. Daniel Hassett is an Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati and discusses the molecular breakdown of CF.

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So if Nitrite can help in our Pseudo. so that it doesn't continue to grow, what's the next step? Is nitrite something you can "take"?
Added: 10/01/2007, Member: bobanny

Thankfully I got the main idea of what he was saying because I dont think he spoke in enough "lay men" terms. I love the idea of having something besides antibiotics that can kick some butt on types of Pseudomonas! THAT is the direction we need to go as more resistance develops with antibiotics!
Added: 10/08/2007, Member: JazzysMom