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13 mths and takes 6 MS4 (00:54)
Category: Personal Stories • Added: 01/15/2009 • Views: 6944

Ella takes Enzymes at 13 mths old

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Wow! I am impressed!! Zoe was 4 before she could swallow hers! Good for you is soooo much easier without the applesauce. Take care, Jada
Added: 01/22/2009, Member: zoe4life

Yes, that is awesome that she takes her enzymes that way. My son is 15 months and we do enzymes with applesauce. She's beautiful.. keep up the good work!
Added: 02/05/2009, Member: Izzysmom07

Adorable little girl--she is so cute! Cody started swallowing his enzymes early, too, but I don't think it was quite that early. I just don't remember anymore. LOL But, I do remember him learning to use a straw at about 6-7 months--he HATED the applesauce after awhile, and so we taught him to suck the little pellets inside them up using a straw, and would open the capsule and put them in a little bit of water. After getting them down, he'd use the straw with a bit of juice to make sure he got everything--but now he is the champ of swallowing pills. She is quite the amazing kid! Love the cheering squad in the background, too--LOL!
Added: 02/18/2009, Member: mschumacher