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So relaxed! (01:31)
Category: Personal Stories • Added: 01/15/2009 • Views: 5168

Briceton fighting so hard to stay awake while doing his vest treatment in the hospital!

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That is too cute!! We have many photos of Avery doing her vest and nebs while dosing off but not a video. You will treasure this forever I bet!!
Added: 01/16/2009, Member: flatfordl

Ohhh, poor little guy....they fight it until the end, don't they?? Was this a recent video? Take care, Jada
Added: 01/22/2009, Member: zoe4life

Yes, it was just taken last week. It's funny before I started recording we tried several times to get him to lay back on the pillows, but he just insisted on sitting up….and well I just couldn’t resist recording such a sweet (funny too) little moment
Added: 01/22/2009, Member: purplemartin

How CUTE! My son would fall asleep, too, when he was younger. There just seems to be something so soothing about it when they are younger--then they get older and fight DOING it, rather than fighting to stay awake while doing it. LOL He is a DOLL!!!
Added: 02/18/2009, Member: mschumacher

thanks for the comic relief, we could all use it! your little one is just so so adorable..
Added: 02/09/2010, Member: chevbacher

Poor little fellow. He's such a cutie. I love my nephew so......
Added: 10/25/2010, Member: LitlPixy