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  Recipe name Category Submitted By
  Sausage Soup American Andria
  Coolaide Pie American Ratatosk
  Holland American David W
  Tres leche cake--EASY Mexican reagansmom
  Potato salad American NORA SMITH
  Hubie's Fruit Salad American Philanda
  Cornish Hens Ala Chris American Chrissy
  asparagus casserole American Chrissy
  Corn and Bacon Casserole American Chrissy
  Gooey Cake American Chrissy
  Peanut butter, chocolate and banana cheesecake (No bake) American FancyMushroom
  Peaches & Cream Pie American Ratatosk
  Peek-a-Boo Chicken American LightNLife
  Easy Chicken Enchilada Casserole American Ratatosk
  Super Pancakes American Rizi Harris
  Caramel Apple Crisp American Ratatosk
  Creamy Chocolate Chip Cookies American Ratatosk/Liza
  Southern Biscuits American NoelA
  Kj's White Chocolate truffles American mum2KJ
  Kj's Truffles American Mum2KJ
  Kj's Chocolate peanut Balls American Mum2KJ
  PIna Colada Smootie American Joe
  Alisha's Late night smoothie American Alisha
  Blueberry Smoothie American Joe
  Oyster Cracker Snacks American Ratatosk
  Lazy Chicken Casserole American lightNlife
  Chili Cups American lightNlife
  monkey muffins American mary
  Raspberry Snack American Karon
  Tomato Dill Soup American Liza aka Ratatosk
  Fried Bananas Thai MyNewfy
  Auntie Lindas Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas Mexican Ratatosk aka Liza
  Oven Caramel Corn American Liza aka Ratatosk
  Party Potatoes American Ratatosk aka liza
  Campire Nachos Mexican sweetwhite
  Carmel Fruit Dip American Ratatosk aka liza
  Miracle pudding American Tiffany
  Kid pleasin' chocolate mousse American Tiffany
  Lemon bars American Tiffany
  Double chocolate walnut brownies American Tiffany
  Peanut butter round-ups American Tiffany
  Artichoke pizza Italian Tiffany
  Shrimp spread American Tiffany
  Vegetable pizza Italian Tiffany
  Fettucini alfredo Italian Tiffany
  GREAT alfredo Italian Allie
  Monte Cristo sandwiches American Allie
  Fruit Pizza Italian Tiffany
  Spinach Pasta Italian Tiffany
  Puppy Chow American Tiffany
  PASTA POT Italian Tiffany
  Cheesecake Squares American Tiffany
  milky way cake American Tiffany
  Coco-Orange Cake American Joan
  Chocolate Surprise Biscuit Ring American Joan
  Cold Spaghetti Salad Italian Joan
  Sunflower Seed Cookies American Joan
  Hot Artichoke Dip American Joan
  Turnips in Cream American SeasonsOfLove
  Spicy Coconut-tomato Chicken Tropical Allie
  Cappelini with mushrooms Italian Allie
  Alfredo pesto pasta Italian Allie
  thelizardqueen's shake American thelizardqueen
  Seana's high cal desert American Seana30
  Tortillas Mexican Mockingbird
  Super-Cal Chocolate Milkshake American vmhoward
  Cranberry meatballs American thelizardqueen
  LouLou's favorite 'sick' food American LouLou
  Rocket Fuel American lightNlife
  Killer Mac and cheese American Allie
  turkey pot pie American sweetwhite
  Pepperoni dip Italian Allie
  Ryster Lasagna Italian Allie
  Island Chicken American Allie
  Double Fudge Brownies American Nicole
  After School Puddin' American Karen
  Peanut Surprise Shake American Marcia
  Dirk's Dessert American Dirk